Our Equipment

The quality of your on-water experience can often be directly linked with the quality of the equipment you use. That's why we have invested in your experience. Our sea-kayaks from Boreal Design set the bar for rotomolded kayaks in comfort and quality. The optional rudder system gives you an extra element of control over the kayak. Our Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) from Stohlquist Waterware have high backs to take best advantage of our comfortable seatbacks. And of course since you wont get far without a good paddle, we have chosen adjustable 2 piece fiberglass shaft paddles from Werner for there light weight and customization.  

The Acadia 2 tandem Kayak by perception is our standard 2 person kayak on the Ashley River at Middleton Place. It provides a comfortable and stable platform for paddlers to explore the waters of the upper Ashley. 

  The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 and 145 are stable light touring kayaks with comfortable high seatbacks. Whether you are new to paddling or a seasoned paddler, the Tsunami offers great performance on the water. All of our singles at Middleton Place are Wilderness Systems Tsunamis, with two different lengths to accommodate a wide range of paddlers.

 The new Epsilon series of kayaks from Boreal Designs offers high performance, great stability, rudder controls, and a custom fit . With 3 sizes to choose from, P100, P200, and P300, your sure to find  the right fit. Boreal Designs are among the top of the line in both rotomolded plastics and fiberglass boats. Two full hatches at the bow and stern and a convenient day hatch offer plenty of  storage for gear for longer trips. The Epsilon has superior tracking, so leave the rudder up, but if you find yourself in strong winds or currents, just drop the rudder and keep paddling.  

 The Esperanto is our full sized tandem touring kayak from Boreal Designs. It has the same great features and bomb proof construction we have come to expect from Boreal, but room for the whole family. It has two full sized closed cockpits and an optional child seat for the large middle hatch. Stable but fast, and easy to maneuver with the rudder system despite its length. Sometimes two really is better than one.

The Ookpik Duo from Boreal Designs is one of the most versatile kayaks on the market. Great for two adults, an adult and child, adult and dog, of just one adult. The Front seat will slide forward or all the way back to configure it how you like and ensure that it is well balanced. The rudder systems allows for great tracking and quick turning on this flat bottomed boat. All of our Ookpiks are set up with both bow and stern hatches and bulkheads for safety and storage.

 The Baffin by Boreal Designs is one of our guides preferred boats. For a slightly more advance paddler up to about 165lbs, the Baffins allows for more skills development and higher performance turns. Equipped with Boreal's patented skeg system and 3 hatches including and easy access day hatch, the Baffin has all the features you need.

We are the only outfitter and dealer for Boreal Designs the area. Give us a call to try out one of their boats and we can place a custom order for you to get all the features your looking for. Check out Boreal Designs website to see their full line of kayaks available. ( http://www.borealdesign.com/_en/mc/index.php) We also occasionally sell our used gear to continue to ensure quality product for our clients.